Average price to cut down a tree?

by | Jan 10, 2023 | Felling, Pricing, Take Down

It can be dangerous to cut down a tree on a steep hillside.


One of the questions people searching for a tree professional commonly ask is, What is the average price to cut down a tree? In this post we’ll attempt to answer that question by offering some general guidelines, as well as some specific examples that may help you to “ballpark” the price to remove a particular tree on your property.

(We hope you’ll find what follows helpful, but we would also love to offer you more personalized help. If you want to talk with us about your exact situation, and maybe schedule a free on-site estimate, please send us a message or call us at 540-547-1031.)

General Guidelines

Average prices to cut down a tree vary greatly depending on factors like the size of the tree, the space the arborists have to work within, and whether materials can be left on site, or must be hauled away:

  • Size: Is your tree 25-feet tall and 8 inches in diameter, or more like 80-feet tall and 36 inches in diameter?
  • Space: Can we fell your tree (cut it from the ground so that it “crash lands” in a safe direction), or will we need to climb it and take it down carefully, piece by piece, using ropes, pulleys and other specialized equipment?
  • Materials: Can we leave materials from your tree on the ground to decompose, or for you to cut up into firewood; or will you want us to haul them away?

Specific Examples

Considering these factors in combination, here are some examples with actual pricing that represent approximate low, mid, and high points along the spectrum of prices Culpeper Tree Service charges to cut down a tree in 2023:

  • Low: price to safely fell a 25-foot tall, 8-inch diameter tree and leave it on the ground where it lands — $110
  • Mid: price to safely climb and rig down in pieces a 40-foot tall, 12-inch diameter tree that’s 20 feet from the house; then haul away all materials, leave only a low-cut stump, and clean up the job site so it looks like we were never there — $1,590
  • High: price to safely climb and remove, with the assistance of a crane, an 80-foot tall, 36-inch diameter tree that’s 30 feet from the house; then haul away all materials, leave only a low-cut stump, and clean up the job site so it looks like we were never there — $4,375

In Closing

If you need to have a tree on your property cut down, it would be our privilege to help you figure out the safest and most cost-effective way to make that happen. Please call or text us at 540-547-1031, or email us at quote@culpepertreeservice.com, to arrange for a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate.

Do you have a tree you need cut down, but you’re located south of Madison County, Virginia? For the same first-rate professional services contact our sister operation, Charlottesville Tree Service, at cvilletreeservice.com.


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