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Locally focused, personable, and professional, we offer free estimates and fully insured tree pruning, felling, and take down services.

About Us

Founded in 2022, and leveraging the expertise and experience of its well-established sister company in Charlottesville, Culpeper Tree Service is at your service for all from the most routine tree-maintenance tasks to the most difficult and technically complex pruning, felling, and take down jobs. Count on us for honest, helpful advice, and for reliable, safe, and exacting execution of any task for which you hire us.

Thank you for visiting our website. My name is Andy Eckert, and I’m one of the owners of Culpeper Tree Service. Without a doubt, there are plenty of tree services in our area. So why the need for ours, established just last year?

Even excluding companies that employ unethical sales tactics and do substandard work, Culpeper is home to quite a few businesses that provide tree pruning and removal services. Many of these are operated by intelligent and skilled arborists who will take good care of your trees. 

To some extent, we are happy just to be considered among them. But I believe when you work with us you will find us responsive, professional, personable, and helpful to an extent even well beyond what is customary in our industry. Many of our clients have attested to this in public reviews on Google and Angi Leads.  

Among the four men who share in the ownership of Culpeper Tree Service, three of us are ISA-Certified Arborists, so you can trust that we’re knowledgable of and committed to implementing the latest industry-best practices. Count on us to bring technical expertise and precision, careful attention to aesthetics, and smart, creative, well-executed solutions to bear on your most challenging, as well as your most ordinary tree removal and pruning projects.

If you live or work in the Culpeper area, we would love an opportunity to connect with you. Please click below to email us with your tree-related questions, or to request a free consultation and estimate for some work you’d like done.

Services We Offer


Whether we’re rigging a broken limb out of your oak tree, reducing crossing and redundant limbs in your crape myrtle, or removing deadwood throughout the canopy of your maple tree, we’ll always aim to give you a superior result, informed by industry standards and best practices.

Count on Culpeper Tree Service for all of your structural and aesthetic pruning needs. 


Space permitting, felling is almost always the least expensive way to get a tree on the ground. Although, to consistently fell large trees safely and with precision requires considerable skill and professional judgment.

When felling is the best course of action, count on Culpeper Tree Service to do it correctly, and with the utmost respect for your property.

Take Down

When a tree you want down is close to your house, garage, shed, pen, fence, landscaping, play equipment, wellhead, swimming pool, or even other trees, a piece-by-piece take down may be the best, if not the only way to proceed.

Culpeper Tree Service can handle any take down scenario, and we’ll clean up afterwards to all but eliminate the evidence we were there!

Cable Installation

Even healthy trees can be causes for concern, especially when their trunks, stems, or large limbs lean toward your house! In many cases, a cabling system can be installed to reduce stress on critical unions and lessen the risk of your tree failing.

Culpeper Tree Service will design and install a cabling system that can help you continue to enjoy your large tree for years to come.

Dangerous Trees

If you have a structurally compromised tree or limb you want removed so that it’s no longer a threat to people, animals, or property, give us a call.

Culpeper Tree Service has the technical expertise, experience, and equipment to safely and adeptly resolve any dangerous tree situation.

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